Bespoke SEO App & Script Development

Bespoke SEO apps, scripts and dashboards, designed to automate repetitive tasks at scale and give deeper insights through data blending.

Do you have an idea for a script, app, or dashboard that could make your team more efficient? I want to hear about it!

Perhaps you’ve spotted a SaaS feature that’s almost right but just not there—perhaps it doesn’t support your proprietary data or integrate with the data sources you use—I can help tailor a solution.

Even if you’re starting with a rough idea or a specific problem, let’s work together to find a way forward.

From automated Looker Studio dashboards, to simple to use Streamlit apps I can deliver what you need.

Get in touch, and let’s get start building!

Example Streamlit Apps

Here are a handful of Streamlit applications I’ve built on spec. The provide a reliable, simple to use front end for Python. Any script can be made into a Streamlit app.

  • Forecasting – A Google Trends forecasting app which can forecast on a single keyword, or an entire crawl file at once.
  • Forecasting – A simple Google Search Console forecasting app to predict search demand.
  • Search Console Data – A simple Search Console app to quickly pull large amounts of data from search console.
  • Semantic Interlinking – A bespoke semantic interlinking app that uses Sentence Transformers to find semantically related pages. (For example, the relationship between the Brooms and Dustbins categories).
  • Backlinks – An app to find citation opportunities on Wikipedia.

Streamlit apps can be hosted on a public server (with access restrictions – pretty much how Google Docs handle file sharing permissions), or can be self hosted on a company server. I will provide the complete source code for all commissioned work. You own it!

Commissioned Scripts and Source Code

Example Scripts:

  • SERP Clustering – Bespoke SERP clustering script to identify overlap between programmatically generated pages.
  • Price Monitoring – SKU based competitor price monitoring solution.
  • Product Name Gap Analysis – Automatically suggest missing keywords using SKUs as a common key between the client site and multiple competitors.

Looker Studio Dashboards

Example Looker Studio dashboards I have created for clients.

  • Automatic Landing Page Suggester – Dashboard to automatically suggest new landing pages to align with organic search demand.
  • Business as Usual – Broken links, redirects, thin content, PII within UGC etc.
  • Clicks Vs Search Demand – Comparison of organic clicks vs search demand. (Search Console Data vs. Google Ads Data). Created after the pandemic to help ascertain a baseline for the new normal after bricks and mortar retailers were allowed to open once again.
  • Data Visualisation – Visualise low quality pages in Search Console. (Discovered, Not Indexed, Crawled, Not indexed).
  • Indexation Reporting – Uses the Indexing API to report the indexation rate of different page templates / folders.
  • Organic Share of Voice – granular SOV reporting (per template / vertical) – Great for assessing the impact of Core Updates!
  • Product Duplication – Find near duplicate product pages for consolidation into product variations.
  • Striking Distance Keywords – A dashboard which automatically reports on keywords within striking distance. (Keywords already ranking in positions 3 – 20 which are not found within the existing page content).
  • Top Traffic Driving Pages – Top X Pages driving most clicks. (e.g. 5% of pages are driving 95% of traffic).