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Free Streamlit App: Wikipedia [Citation Needed] Finder

This simple Streamlit app is designed to make it easy to find topics which require additional citations. [citation needed].

Simply enter a keyword to search Wikipedia for articles which require additional citations.

This app is geared more towards sites which are an authority in their industry that can leverage existing content, or create new content which can be used to improve Wikipedia.

BERT Automatic Interlinking Streamlit App V2

The first version of this app was recently highlighted in this excellent article, ‘Mastering Topic Clusters in SEO.‘ (If you haven’t yet, it’s a must-read!)

This got me thinking it’s high time for an overhaul of the original app. Checking in, I’m amazed it had over 17,000 unique visitors since its release in May 2022!

I’ve done absolutely nothing to market it other than the initial tweet and being featured as Streamlit’s app of the month in May 2022.

This success led me to realise that it’s high time the app received an overhaul.