Striking Distance Keyword Report

Actionable Report to Find and Optimise Keywords Close to Ranking

Identifies keywords that your website currently ranks for in positions 3 to 20. This targeted approach helps pinpoint opportunities for quick wins in your SEO strategy.


  • Highly actionable report to help optimise on page content to align with organic search demand
  • Great for Website owners and SEO agencies to resell. (Bulk discounts available)
  • Finds Keywords in Positions 3 – 20
  • Search Console Data or 3rd Party
  • Report Only Show Actionable Items
  • Shows up to 10 keywords per URL
  • Checks Whether Keyword is Found in the Page Title / H1 / Content Area

Sample Reports

Sample Report #1: Homebase Categories:

Sample Report #2 Homebase Products–6PvmHtVYz0VvQ

What Do You Get?

Report Contains the following Worksheets:

  • Striking Distance Report – The Main Event
  • Keywords Removed by Blocklist – A list of keywords which were removed due to matching a blocklist.
  • URLs Not Found in Crawl – A list of URLs which are found in Search Console Data, but not the crawl (Useful for debugging).
  • All Checks Passed – In order to reduce workload, if a keyword is found in the Title/H1 and Content then there is nothing for the user to do. These results are compiled here.
  • All Keyword Data – Raw data from Google Search Console – Useful for additional context.

The Process

  • Agree which content / pages to target.
  • I will crawl the site and extract onpage content (or customer can supply).
  • Create Striking Distance report within agreed specifications. (URLs/ Content area)
  • Deliver report to specification to your inbox
  • Up to one amendment as required.


  • Google Search Console access shared or keyword export from Ahrefs / Semrush etc.
  • List of URLs / Content areas to target.
  • Optional list of negative keywords (branded, competing brands, near me etc).

Additional information

SuitabilityEstablished Websites with Keyword Data in Search Console
Bulk DiscountsBulk discounts available
ConfidentialityHappy to sign NDAs
Payment FlexibilityPro Forma invoicing available
CustomisationCustomisation and development services available

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