Automatic Internal Linking Report

Extracts keywords related to products and services within context, and uses semantic keyword matching to find the best matching page to link.

This script is an updated version of my BERT Semantic Interlinker which uses keywords automatically extracted from main content. Keywords are extract within context and the semantically matched the best matching page.

Sample Report: Homebase Help & Advice to Categories

It is super powerful and even works in the inverse.

For example, if your site content repeatedly references a product or service but there is no matching page, it will suggest creating the page!

New page creation can be prioritised based on internal links vs search volume.

It’s a really easy way to get new pages ranked ranked quickly and win more traffic whilst providing additional context to your existing content.

Example #1: Homebase Kitchen Lights Category

Keywords Found: Spotlights (5,400), LED Strip Lights (58,000), Pendant Lights (4,400) 

The report clearly shows that there is opportunity to link out from the Kitchen Lights category page to matching categories. Checking the site, verified the same.

Do you notice how the script is smart enough to know that the Pendant Lights category is a good match for Pendant Lighting? Semantic interlinking helps to find the best matching page as well as suggest keyword variations naturally within the text.

Example #2: Homebase Help & Advice > Category Pages

Here is another example from the Help and Advice Page.

The report shows there is an exact matching page for Freestanding Baths, but it is not linked up at all!

Here is the page context:

The existing copy even meant to link it, but must have forgotten as the ‘click here link’ does not even contain a link!*

*correct as of 29/04/2024

Example Opportunity Report

Sample Report: Homebase Help & Advice to Categories

 What Makes This Different From Other Interlinkers?

  • Laser Focused Content Extraction – Custom content extractions mean that only specific sections of content are considered for interlinking.
  • Semantic Anchor Text Matching – Will match the anchor text ‘Bikes’ to a page ‘H1’ of ‘Bicycles’ for smarter interlinking. Also useful to push up keyword variations naturally.
  • AI Keyword Extraction – Finds all products or services on a page.
  • Fine Tuning of Extraction Algorithm  – Keyword extraction can be fine tuned as necessary to extract products, services, events etc.
  • Opportunities Report – Shows when you have the links, but not the content. Create the content and instantly link it!
  • Less QA Time – Excludes any existing opportunities (Page is already linked, or the anchor text is already on the page).
  • Fewer False Positives – Content aware keyword extraction reduces QA time significantly.

Example Use Cases

The main SEO goal for eCommerce sites should be getting category pages ranked. These pages drive sales, have commercial intent and usually have lots of search demand. Interlinking these pages from different site templates is a great way to flow more PageRank to these pages and increase their position in the SERPs. Here are some suggested use cases for this report:

Category > Category – Interlinking category pages is a great way to increase rankings for hard to crack head terms as well as increase the chance of triggering sitelinks in search results. It’s also great for users, conversions and increasing average order value.

Blog > Category – Linking products, categories and services within Buyer’s Guides / Help and Advice and Blog Content to category pages.

Product > Category – Linking from product pages is trickier (read: It will require more QA time to validate the opportunity once the report is delivered), but can pay dividends if done correctly. This is because this method of interlinking is usually neglected, done correctly and it’s a gold mine. (For example, linking out from product specification tables to the parent category and so on).

Find Opportunities for New Pages

The great thing about this script is it works in the inverse. It reports on linking opportunities for pages which are yet to be created! Once the page has been created it can be linked up instantly hundreds or even thousands of times internally to get it ranking fast!

Keywords with a high number of links, but low scoring page matches.

How It Works

The site is crawled with a custom extractor to extract the desired content area. (Blog post, category text and so on).

The script reviews existing links and discounts them to avoid recommending links to pages which already exist.

A LLM is used to extract keywords within context from the text and then matches to all pages. To increase context the extracted keyword is also matched to itself to ensure the context is relevant. If the match score of the extracted keyword is higher than the target page, the keyword is dropped.

This helps to further refine the context by dropping keywords where the subject is the page itself and is not referencing another page or service.

An actionable report is created showing keywords which can immediately be linked to existing pages, whilst showcasing opportunities to create new pages.

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