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Source Higher Resolution Images For Your eCommerce Site at Scale

The Python script uses the Google Vision API to identify and fetch matching high-resolution images from an Image export from a Screaming Frog crawl to source higher quality images on autopilot!

This is aimed primarily at medium / large eCommerce sites that source standardised images from product suppliers.

The output file shows the new size pixel difference vs the original file making the implementation easy to prioritise. It’s simple, robust and actionable.

Injecting a Branded Header into PDFs at Scale

eCommerce businesses often host a large amount of PDF files to accompany products and ranges. While these files can rank well on search engines and attract users, they often lead visitors away from the main website. This situation can result in potential customers finding what they need in the PDF and, sometimes, making their purchases elsewhere.

Noticing this, I saw a practical opportunity to make these PDFs work harder.

The idea is simple: embed a branded header in each PDF. This header would include a phone number and website address, subtly encouraging users to engage directly with your business.

For details on how to implement this, including features, settings, and step-by-step instructions, keep reading. Or, if you’re ready to start right away, go ahead and download the script.