Free Streamlit App: Wikipedia [Citation Needed] Finder

Simple tool to assist with Wikipedia link building.

This simple Streamlit app is designed to make it easy to find topics which require additional citations. [citation needed].

Simply enter a keyword to search Wikipedia for articles which require additional citations.

This app is geared more towards sites which are an authority in their industry that can leverage existing content, or create new content which can be used to improve Wikipedia.

First things first.

Please do not use this tool to spam Wikipedia! You link won’t hang around for long if you write a poorly researched blog post, or you site is completely unrelated from the topic.

Adding genuine citations improves Wikipedia for everyone whilst earning your site a sweet backlink to your content.

This tool works best for established / niche websites.

Generally speaking you’re looking for opportunities to:

  • Cite existing content
  • Extend existing content to include information that can be cited
  • Create new content that can be cited

Try the app:Ā

Source code:Ā

How to use this Tool

Start with Broad Queries

I recommend searching for broad queries to start with before niching down to relevant queries.

For example, searching for the broad query ‘Cheese’ shows that the Cheddar Cheese, Cream Cheese and Types of Cheese pages all need citations.

Clicking on either of these results will expand the results to show the opportunities for providing a high quality citation.

Create or Repurpose Existing Content

Perhaps you already have an article that you can shoehorn in some additional high quality research so that your work and Website can be cited?Ā Perhaps the lack of citations hint there is a gap for this content – is there an opportunity to create it?

Download Opportunities Report

Whilst you can work directly within the Streamlit app, you can also download the report as a Word document which can be saved or emailed to your colleagues for further investigation.

If you need help modifying or deploying this to your organisation, drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll get straight back to you.