Python as a Managed Service

Deliverables Without The Coding.

Over the years I’ve released a lot of the scripts I’ve made for free, for anybody to use.

The primary motivation for doing so was to keep pushing myself to come up with new ideas. I soon realised that releasing apps and scripts was a great way to debug, refine and add requested features. I made a GitHub account to share everything I’ve publicly released here.

But what if you’re not technical or have no interest in learning Python?

Hassle-free Automation

All my scripts and apps are available to be run as a managed service. I look after the process from beginning to end, from ideation to the final deliverables. 

Existing scripts can be run as is – or they can be adapted for your specific requirements and business goals. If you can think of it, I can make it!

This service is perfect for one-off pieces of work.

For ongoing pieces of work I can provide simple to use apps for internal use as well as self-updating Looker Studio dashboards.

Get in touch today to talk about your idea.